At URBNarc we firmly believe that it is our people that matter and make a difference, we look for the best talent and invest heavily in our people and resources to truly bring the best value to our clients. We are an equal opportunity employer and our team consists of highly qualified professionals who have been trained at some of the leading global institutes.

Our team consists of urban designers, planners, architects and interior designers and we collaborate with specialized design firms and other specific consultants to bring the best skills to each project. Our collaborators include artists, engineers, filmmakers, sociologists, anthropologists and environmental experts across the globe.

URBNarc is a hub for global talent that thinks out of the box and aims to provide cutting edge design solutions for our clients, the community and the environment.



Our Team

Gaurang Khemka

Founding Director

Agung Pamudji

Interior Design Director

Ajay Sethi

Managing Principal (India)

Alejandro Moran Hurtado

Managing Principal (Spain)